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What People Say

"Never was able to meditate or shut my mind off but with this guides meditation work with Kristin, I've been able to practice it daily Manifesting and seeing results is truly amazing."

-Tricia Rose

"Kristin is beyond phenomenal. She's exceptionally knowledgeable, authentic, and caring. She gives you tools and teaches you how to use them to empower yourself and live your best life confidently and authentically. She gives you the wisdom behind your unique roadmap and teaches you how to really own it - be fearless. Kristin is the perfect secret sauce and I'm so grateful to have her on my life team."

-Client, SF Bay Area



"Every time I sit with Kristin magical things immediately follow. This has happened so many times since we've started working together and also peer mentoring each other with manifestation. The last time we reviewed my chart, I was alerted to something happening at a certain time period. You never know what the "thing" is and when it is presented you are always blown away. Even during difficult times, your chart can help you prepare and embrace what it is you are going to be going through. If you are prepared for it and have the tools, you will still grow and flourish from it. I am constantly blown away by the power of us manifesting together!!"

-Lysa Miller

Personal Growth

Understanding Self

Life Goals




Confidence Building

“Kristin is AUTHENTIC, ENERGETIC, INTUITIVE, TALENTED . . . WOW!  I’ve had readings done by other astrologers and can honestly say, Kristin stands apart.  She educates her clients on their chart DNA.  Her approach to interpreting is methodical.  She was able to explain nuances within my chart that no one has ever explained before.  Her thirst for knowledge and understanding benefit her clients.  Love her excitement - it’s infectious.  I now have a very powerful tool in my personal toolbox, should I need it.  Thank you, Kristin!


"I had my chart done by Kristin and I cannot say enough good things! Her knowledge and clear passion for her work are incredible. I also had her speak at an event and on calls with my team about astrology and manifesting, they still talk and reflect about it to this day! Her insight is practical and has helped me better navigate through life. I look to her as a mentor and am so grateful our paths crossed. She is your go-to person for all things astrology, manifesting and gaining control of your life. She is truly gifted!

-Brenna Crowe

"Your knowledge of human/emotional development combined with your brilliant brain and ability to articulate provides an effective, empathetic approach to understanding the self, others, and situations.

Your teaching and perspective have enabled me to respond differently/ better and truly navigate a tough situation and provided me long term coping mechanisms."

-Shelly Berman

“Kristin is savvy after listening to my tale of woe! She knew what to say and "BAM" and I heard her words and had an epiphany."

-Trish Bertuzzi

"After an hour of meeting with Kristin, my plan was in place, my business was set to begin!"

-Michelle Adams Grasson

"Kristin came to Waters Corporation to present at the AEC/CWL annual lunch. She presented 'You’re Not the Boss of Me'. She is an awesome presenter and is very down to earth. I would highly recommend Kristin to any organization who is looking for a powerful speaker. Thank you Kristin for making our Annual lunch with the Admin staff (AEC) and the Connecting Woman Leaders (CWL) part of the Milford Area Chamber of Commerce".

-Susan Beckvold

"Thank you Kristin for an inspiring reminder of the boundless potential we each embody. Being the own boss of me is a courageous act - I choose! Blessings and gratitude to you for choosing to live your gifts each day."

- Anne Nilima Ruel

"Thanks for presenting at Waters Corp. today. Lots of great points of remembering to take time to focus on ourselves! Glad I attended."

- Karen Guccione Czubik

"Kristin is beyond amazing. She and I became close during a fitness challenge. She was very positive and very motivational during my extreme physical life change. Best part about Kristin is she motivated me naturally. I didn’t realize what she was doing till I realized how much I had changed. Always trying to find ways to improve myself, my family and all those around me came from Kristin’s mentoring. Kristin enjoys helping people. Love her impact in my life."

-Maria Markonidis

"Kristin has helped me in my personal life a great deal! Although I may be a little younger than she is, her life experiences she light on things I am currently going through. She is BEYOND supportive and always ready to listen and offer her best advice or as I said experience. I am BEYOND blessed that I met Kristin as a realtor and that a friendship was formed from that. She is so good at her job, being a mom, wife and friend and that I can only aspire to be like her in life. She’s a strong willed individual which is why I fully support her launching Beyond Fearless. Thank you for everything you do for not only me but my family! Listening is the greatest gift one can ask for and you do that for me whenever I feel lost!"

-Ellen Teixeira

"Kristin is BEYOND Amazing! I had not seen Kristin in many years, but she was consistently inspiring me through her positive posts, etc. on Facebook. I wanted to start my own business and knew Kristin was the one who I needed to ask to be my Mentor. Without hesitation when I asked... Kristin immediately made a lunch date. Within one hour of being with Kristin... my plan was in place. Kristin didn’t stop there. Constantly checking in on me, texting or posting encouragement as well as giving me opportunities to help me start and grow. Kristin was born to do this. I could go on for hours about her. Kristin makes you go BEYOND your Fears and Believes in you."

-Alicia Garcia

As a new step-parent and fellow businesswoman, Kristin’s nurturing, warm, loving and unbiased advice has helped me navigate through MANY uncomfortable and difficult situations in my life; She takes any problem, looks at it from the outside, and deals with it from an unemotional yet supportive standpoint; I don’t know what I would do without this woman! She has inspired and reminded me of my own strengths, and how to use them...If you find yourself in any of these difficult life situations, Kristin can mentor and support you through any challenges that you face, personal OR professional, and beyond!"

-Stacylynn McGovern

"This natural evolution and creation of Beyond Fearless just is so “right”. Seeing it come to fruition brings me to happy tears.


Kristin has always been the first person to offer support, encouragement & motivation to those in need around her. Having her support & energy in your corner is “beyond anything you could ever imagine”!


For me personally - she SAW me when I couldn’t see one foot in front of me. We knew one another through our spouses and when every aspect of my life literally fell apart and died, leaving me in a vast nothingness - she reached out to me, out of the nothingness, totally unexpected and unrequested, just because she intuitively knew someone needed some light in their darkness. I can still remember this so vividly. Her offer of light, love and friendship has stayed with me to this day - 14 years later! And best of all I have gained an invaluable confidant and forever friend.....oh and she introduced me to the love of my life (a couple of huge bonuses, sorry those specific results not guaranteed)....LOL


I know “BEYOND FEARLESS” and Kristin will successfully keep helping others through whatever is needed - for a long time to come."

-Marianne Meech Lamb

I had the pleasure of meeting up with my long time client, Beyond Fearless to photograph her for her latest en-devour, Mentoring! If you know Kristin, than you know that this new path for her is no surprise. She's been mentoring her friends and colleagues for as long as I can remember. Kristin has a natural knack for connecting you with friends, business ideas, and most of all connecting you to yourself! She knows your next move before you do!

-Nicole Ann LeBlanc

My first real meeting with Kristin, we discussed how I was looking for a mentor in my real estate business. I had done all the "training" knew what to do but wasn't feeling it. In total Kristin fashion she was very positive that she could help me grow and provide me with the professional guidance and support I was looking for. I have never regretted the decision to join her.

Kristin has learned a lot through her own journey professionally and personally and loves to share it all. Always sharing books, blogs, experiences, etc where she felt she learned something or inspired her. Her guidance went well Beyond the professional arena and I am more in touch with my health, trusting my gut instinct and intuition which has made me a more positive and confident person at work and at home. Having someone to brainstorm with and break it all down was so helpful for me who often thinks of everything all at once and cant get out of my own way.

Being genuine and push for that next level will get me the peace I want personally and success I strive for professionally. It all felt so organic and nothing more than quick conversations over coffee or lunch. I bet she didn't know all that; or actually she probably does. Lastly, like most women wanting what we don't have, I have fought my natural curly hair for my entire life. Kristin said trust me just stop it and work with what you were blessed with, its what makes you different. It was simple yet Life changing advice! Lot's of women out there need a Kristin in their life.

-Isa Dragone

"Doors to The Bridge Group opened, and we did $300,000 in revenue in the first year. Does not sound like much. Apparently that is the magic number for an entrepreneur who is both selling and delivering services. I rolled into my second year with a full pipeline and a great attitude. I was cruising along until the third quarter, when all of a sudden I looked at my pipeline and it was non-existent. I had been so focused on delivery that I had taken my eye off the prospecting ball. Yikes!

I went into full-blown panic mode. I had no idea what to do. My existing contracts were coming to an end, and I had no firm projects in my line of sight. Holy crap - I was going to have to go get a job and give up my dream of being a successful female entrepreneur.

I literally could not get out of my own way to figure this out so I did what all smart women do. They call other smart women and ask for help. I called my friend Kristin Lembo, who is the CEO of Beyond Real Estate and asked her to meet me for lunch.

Now, there is not much similarity between an inside sales consulting business and a real estate business. But Kristin is savvy, and I needed someone to listen to me and then give me a shove in the right direction.

And shove me she did. Kristin listened to my tale of woe. As I wound down, she looked across the table at me and said, 'You know what to do, so do what you know.' BAM! I heard her words and had an epiphany. I know what to do."

-Trish Bertuzzi

You are amazing and I feel very lucky to have you on my side! You have a gift! I was the call...and Kristin saw opportunities for my business that I had not thought of in my 5+ years of business. Hire her!

-Laurene Martell Ingham

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