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Spirited night of intention

Ready to raise the vibration at a private party?

Energy is a vital aspect of human health and well-being. It affects us in multiple ways. Metaphysical energy refers to non physical force, it is believed to underlie the physical world and influence the universe in all living things.This energy is often seen as a vital life sustaining force that can be harnessed and manipulated to bring positive changes.

Night of Intention Themes to choose:
(choose one theme when requesting the event)


  • Meditation and Manifestation

  • Sharing Spirit, Past Souls Stories and Pendulum work

  • Intuition and Psychic ability, Seeing Signs

  • Understanding your Cosmic DNA Astrology and Who you are.

Reserve Kristin for your private gathering!
(Request a date and time below and Kristin will respond with options or confirmation)


  • Host is required to send a $25 deposit (through pay pal link)

  • Host will be responsible for location, refreshments and communication with all guests.

  • Minimum of 10 guests to secure the night

  • Cost of the event will be determined and all guest to pay by PayPal link

Ready to host a private party?
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If you would like to contact Kristin directly, please email her at:

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