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Kristin Lembo has always believed in the power of coincidence, divine timing, and creating her own best life.


Born to humble beginnings and blue collar parents (Dad Jeff, a wholesale car dealer and mom Marsha, a nurse) Kristin was raised in the Marlboro/Acton, MA area. Childhood challenges arose early with her parents divorcing at age 4, and enduring constant moves (more than 8 times before the age of 15) Kristin struggled in school, and never really felt like she belonged; Establishing roots was non-existent in this atmosphere.


Her discovery of self began when she intentionally sought out some Cd’s in the early 90s from a popular motivational guru. A light bulb went off, and thus began her journey. With a burning desire to change her life and become independent, successful and happy, Kristin poured herself into any information she could find when it came to learning, living, and growing as a person.


After working as a hairdresser for 8 years, Kristin obtained her real estate/brokers license in 1994 at the age of 27. Combining the skills and invaluable sales lessons learned from her dad, while incorporating the compassion and nurturing aspect from Mom, it was a natural progression that her career in the real estate industry would soar. In the year 2000, Beyond Real Estate was born.


As a successful business owner, Kristin often used her intuitive skills to connect people with finding their dream homes.  As she became involved in the personal lives of clients, she found that she was also able to contribute emotionally to their personal growth, well-being and happiness, indirectly teaching them to “...move beyond their fears.” Kristin studied at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and is IPEC certified. She applies these skills in her mentoring approach.


Kristin feels that recognizing your own power will help you tap into the limitless potential of living your happiest life, allowing you the freedom to achieve your wildest goals and dreams.


Kristin has lived in Hudson, MA. for over 20 years, where she has become a proud member of the community of this bustling New England suburb. With husband Carl, daughter Maysa, son Evan, and beloved dog Ginger, she works through the everyday challenges of being a parent, a business owner, mother and friend. She feels rewarded every single day knowing that she is able to institute her gift of objective logic and reasoning through mentoring others, giving them the tools to obtain the highest level of happiness, success, and joy that they can possibly imagine.


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